Big Wins

Viale Dei Giardini filed 150x multiplier
Big Wins 11-02-2021

Chily From Casino Squad Wins €890 on a €5 Bet

Our next text in the Big Wins section will take us to Italy, where the Casino Squad was joined by the lovely Penelope. Penelope and her companion were arguing about whether they should quit playing Monopoly Live and test their luck with video slots or Crazy Time. Fortunately for them, their argument did not end […]

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Monopoly Live Park Lane field
Big Wins 04-02-2021

Bonus Hunter Walks Away With €11,010 After Chance and 4 Rolls

You may remember Amer, the host from our previous text that had a bit of a quarrel with Codeman. Even though the Xposed hero hadn’t been happy with Amer, at the end of the round he won $45,300. In our next story, we will not talk about Codeman, but Amer is here once again, and […]

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Big cash prize on Monopoly Live 4 rolls bonus round
Big Wins 28-01-2021

Codeman Wins $45,300 Thanks To Chance And 4 Rolls Bonus

Codeman from Xposed keeps landing huge wins on Monopoly Live these days, completely occupying our Big Wins section in the last couple of weeks. This time, he managed to pocket two big wins in a short amount of time. First, he recorded a $15,300 win on a $300 bet, because the Wheel stopped on the […]

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20x Multiplier on Regent Street field
Big Wins 21-01-2021

Xposed Lands $42,400 Win Playing Monopoly Live

Codeman from Xposed had an awesome beginning of 2021! Once again, an amazing round of Monopoly Live earned him a place in the Big Wins section. This time, our hero managed to pocket a delicious win of $42,400, with a $200 bet, securing the top spot on the winning list. As he had said himself, […]

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Monopoly Live chance card
Big Wins 14-01-2021

Chance and 2 Rolls Deliver a €4,900 Win

LetsGiveItASpin crew has released another interesting video. The dynamic duo, Kim and Blanco did not appear together this time, because, according to Blanco, Kim had gone out for lunch at that particular moment, so Blanco had to do everything himself. That did not ruin his mood, because he was smiling all the time, and he […]

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Evolution Monopoly Live host spinning the wheel
Big Wins 07-01-2021

Tensers Turn a $5 Bet Into a $490 Win

YouTube star Tensers was at the centre of an interesting round of Monopoly Live, which earned him a place in our Big Wins section. Alright, the win was not that big, but the turn of the fortune was really amazing, so everybody should hear his story. Tensers was not very lucky in the very beginning, […]

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Monopoly Live host spinning the wheel
Big Wins 31-12-2020

Double Chance & 4 Rolls Result in 176x Multiplier

This has been a crazy year for the Monopoly Live Big Wins section, and it is only fair to finish 2020 with another amazing story. Thanks to the video released by Global Casino Advisor, we have witnessed a quite rewarding round of Monopoly Live. The Wheel stopped on two Chance segments, and, immediately after that, […]

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Mr Monopoly lands on Vine street with 10x multiplier
Big Wins 25-12-2020

Another Amazing Round For Xposed on Monopoly Live

Our hero from last week, Codeman, is once again the main character in another crazy story. This time we have a real treat for you, a 4 Rolls Bonus with a total of 7 Doubles in a single round. So, players had 11 rolls of the dice and a total multiplier of 100x. Once again, […]

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Monopoly Live bonus round win
Big Wins 17-12-2020

Xposed Enjoys Legendary Wins Playing Monopoly Live

This particular story simply had to find its place in Monopoly Live Big Wins segment because such a round can be considered as legendary. Codeman from Xposed is our hero, and his tale is so fantastic that we wouldn’t believe it if Big Win Casino hadn’t post it on YouTube. Codeman had decided to bet […]

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Monopoly Live host showing 4 rolls segment
Big Wins 10-12-2020

Monopoly Live Awards Amazing $920,851 Payout

Courtesy of Ticket Time Channel, we had the pleasure of watching a totally crazy round of Monopoly Live, where a total of 325 players had shared $920,851. Carson from Ticket Time was our host and he decided to show to his followers his biggest win ever in Monopoly Live. After stopping on the Chance segment, […]

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