The ClassyBeef Boys Hit an Insane 1,000x Base Game Win

The ClassyBeef guys really do like to win, don’t they. The famous casino streamers managed to hit two 10x chances in a row before landing the original bet on number 10, resulting in a €30,000 payout.

With the original €30 they wagered on segment 10 turning into €30,000, this has got to be one of the best base game payouts for Evolution Gaming Dream Catcher Monopoly live!

How Did a €30 Wager Result in €30,000 Payout

  • The ClassyBeef boys originally placed a €30 wager on segment 10, which carries a 10 to 1 payout.
  • The wheel subsequently landed on Chance segment, which revealed a 10x multiplier, resulting in a respin.
  • For the second time in a row, the wheel landed on Chance, with the card revealing another 10x multiplier.
  • When the wheel stopped on number 10 in the following respin, the original €30 bet was multiplied by 10x (first Chance multiplier), 10x (second Chance multiplier) and 10 (standard payout on number 10).

Number 10 Can Be a Good Option

As these big wins can attest, Monopoly Live is a game with incredible winning potential, but a sensible betting strategy is necessary if you are to have any chance of landing big wins.

Even though there are just four Number 10 segments on the Monopoly Live wheel and the probability of landing this particular bet is just 4/54 (7.41%), it is important to note that the number has a pretty high RTP of 96.02%.

With only Number 2 offering a better return to player (96.23%), placing smaller bets on Number 10 either continuously or from time to time could be a part of a more elaborate betting strategy.

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