LetsGiveItASpin Guys Win €16,500 on Monopoly Live

According to Kim and Blanco from Let’s Give it a Spin, Monopoly Live represents “one of the most frustrating and fun casino table games out there”.

In one of their newest posts, the famous streamers showed us how they managed to pocket a total of €16,500 from an initial €50 bet. On June 5th, Let’s Give it a Spin duo landed a 10x multiplier via Chance, followed by 4 Rolls bonus.

How Kim and Blanco Ended Their Dry Spell

According to our two heroes, the week before the win occurred was very bad for them since they did not have much luck in online casinos. Fortunately for the guys from Let’s Give it a Spin, Rich Uncle Pennybags decided to treat them with some decent wins. With a €50 as their starting bet, Kim and Blanco got a Chance segment on the big Wheel, which revealed a pretty standard 10x win multiplier.

Famous streamers win big in Monopoly Live

The following roll of the Wheel made them both jump out of their chairs as it landed on 4 Rolls. Monopoly Man moved to the board and, before they started rolling the dice, all win multipliers were boosted by the 10x multiplier Kim and Blanco got from the Chance card.

The first roll of the dice made the old man visit the Pentonville Road, where a 40x win multiplier was waiting. Oddly enough, rolls 1 and 2 both showed 3 and 6 on the dice. Mr Monopoly’s second stop was Marlborough Street, where a 110x was waiting, giving them €5,500. The third roll also showed 3 and 6 on the dice, leading Monopoly Man to Coventry Street and an 80x multiplier. The final roll also showed a 3 and 6, so four nines in a row. Mr Monopoly’s last stop was Chance, where they received €5,000.

Let’s Give it a Spin Was Not Among the Top 3 Winners of the Round

The total amount won by 1,435 players was €713,191. Kim’s and Blanco’s win was fourth, the biggest reward was €66,200, won by Eeeegon99. Even though they did not win as big as the top three on the list, they were pretty happy with the result, due to the fact that they did not have much luck in the past week.

Here is the list of the top-ten winners:

  1. Eeeegon99 – €66,200
  2. punt – €33,100
  3. Kali999 – €18,611
  4. Letsgiveitaspin_ – €16,550
  5. frankinodama(PS) – €9,930
  6. Hyj23 – €7,721
  7. ncr – €7,721
  8. GreenBasll5675-8 – €7,397
  9. Winwiner – €7,072
  10. Mike – €6,355

Check out the video here for full gameplay.

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