Monopoly Live Awards Another Cool Multiplier

It seems that November will be a really hot month in Monopoly Live, due to the fact that plenty of big wins have been recorded at the beginning of the month. Forget about the upcoming winter, forget about the cold weather, stay at home and have fun with Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Wheel Tracker released a video on You Tube on 4th November, where, after a 2 Rolls Bonus, players were rewarded with two consecutive Chances. After that, the Wheel immediately stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. The total multiplier of the round was 840x, resulting in some tasty wins for all gamers that participated in the round.

Double Chances to Warm Up Players

The video begins with a lovely lady in a gold dress talking about the recently finished 2 Rolls bonus, which delivered a total 12x multiplier. Mr Monopoly had a little time to sit back in his chair and rest for a while, sipping his tea. The next spin of the Wheel resulted with a Chance segment, and Monopoly Man revealed an 8x multiplier.

Monopoly Live host waving

Since it seemed that the Wheel was pretty hot, the old man did not even sit back in his seat, he stayed next to the Wheel. He was right to do so, since it stopped on the Chance field once again, delivering a 2x multiplier, so 16x in total. Just when everyone thought that things could not get better, the fourth spin of the Wheel resulted in the 4 Rolls Bonus. So, 4 spins of the Wheel, one 2 Rolls Bonus, two Chances, and one 4 Rolls Bonus.

The First Roll of Dice Takes the Old Man to Jail

Our lovely host was ecstatic with such an amazing result. Mr Monopoly went to the board, carrying a 16x multiplier, which was applied on all fields. The first roll of the dice was not promising, since it led Monopoly Man straight to jail. Wine Street was his next stop, where a tasty 176x multiplier had been waiting.

That was only the beginning, since the following roll of the dice delivered a 192x multiplier, taking the old man to Leicester Square. Since there had been no doubles, there were 4 rolls in total. The final roll brought the biggest multiplier of 480x, because the dice took Rich Uncle Pennybags to Regent Street.

So, the total multiplier of the round was 848x, and even those that had placed little bets could expect sweet payouts.

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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