Final Roll Proves Crucial in 4 Rolls Bonus

In Chinese culture, the red colour represents happiness, beauty, good luck, and success. It seems that the Chinese tradition had brought luck to all players in one of the latest rounds of Monopoly Live, thus securing a place in our Big Wins section.

We started our story with red because the bearer of a tasty win was a lovely lady host that wore a red dress. The old man had some time to rest and to have a sip of his tea because he had just finished the previous round on the board when the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment.  The total win of the round was €292,812, shared among 1,386 lucky players.

Third Roll Delivers Doubles

Once on the board, Mr Monopoly added random multipliers on certain fields, with the biggest one waiting on Park Lane. The first roll of the dice revealed a six and a three, taking Rich Uncle Pennybags to Pentonville Road, where an 8x multiplier had been waiting. His next stop was Bow Street with a 10x multiplier.

Monopoly Live host

The third roll of the dice was the only one that delivered doubles, with two twos landing, and securing players an extra roll of the dice. Also, Monopoly Man got Free Parking in the third round, while players got a 7x multiplier.

Final Roll Rewards Players With a 150x Multiplier

The fourth round of the Bonus was also far from rewarding, because the old man got to Leicester Square, earning a slim 7x multiplier. The final roll had to be a good one for the round to be successful, and for the players to get one of the two huge multipliers that had been waiting on Park Lane and Mayfair.

In order to get them, players needed either an 11 or 13. Due to the fact that it was impossible to land a 13 in one roll of the dice, everybody hoped for 11. Lady Luck decided to reward them and took Mr Monopoly to Park Lane, delivering a huge 150x multiplier.  Every single of 1,386 winners had to be happy with the final result since the total amount won was €292,812.

Here is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. adadeb 123456 – €21,447
  2. naser – €13,757
  3. Rashid_211 – €7,643
  4. lloydisbeest – €7,643
  5. 1234- €5,620
  6. 1464663 – €5,490
  7. fb2cb – €5,490
  8. tom – €5,575
  9. Greta – €5,075
  10. Jay90 – €3,871.

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