Monopoly Live Awards Amazing $920,851 Payout

Courtesy of Ticket Time Channel, we had the pleasure of watching a totally crazy round of Monopoly Live, where a total of 325 players had shared $920,851. Carson from Ticket Time was our host and he decided to show to his followers his biggest win ever in Monopoly Live.

After stopping on the Chance segment, after which Monopoly Man had delivered an 8x multiplier, the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls field, which made Carson jump in the air, screaming and shouting, hoping for a massive win. He managed to pocket $772.50 on a $3.50 bet, but he was not even near the top 10 winners of the round.

Carson Follows the Round Rather Emotionally

After the first spin of the Wheel, Christine, the lovely host, managed to stop the Wheel on the Chance segment, and Mr Monopoly revealed an 8x multiplier. Immediately after that, Carson stood up from his chair. He was rather nervous, hoping for the next spin of the Wheel to result in either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls Bonus.

Monopoly Live host showing 4 rolls segment

He was even screaming at Christine, the host of the round, even though she couldn’t hear him. Just when he was thinking about breaking a chair in his studio, the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls field, and you can only imagine the emotions displayed by Carson as he was watching the old man going to the board.

The Total Multiplier of the Round was 1544x

Before the rolls begun, the 8x multiplier acquired from Chance had been applied on all fields. Pentonville Road was the first stop, delivering a 64x multiplier. After that, Rich uncle Pennybags stopped on Vine Street, where another 64x multiplier had been waiting. Roll number 3 took the old man to Leicester Square, revealing a 96x multiplier.

The fourth roll of the dice displayed two threes, earning players an extra roll of the dice and rewarding them with a 120x multiplier on Oxford Street. The final roll of the dice resulted in the biggest multiplier of the round, as Mayfair revealed a 1,200x multiplier.

During Mr Monopoly’s final stroll to Mayfair, Carson was screaming and shouting as he recorded the biggest win in Monopoly Live ever, a total of $772.50. Interestingly enough, he was far from the top 10 winners of the round. Alvaro was the king of the round, pocketing $75,718.

Here is the list of the top 10 winners of the round:

  1. Alvaro – $75,718
  2. rdvbck – $68,594
  3. Red Win – $68,235
  4. Rami202020 – $45,628
  5. Lucky – $29,130
  6. vd_1940yigit – $23,322
  7. Bebe – $23,175
  8. Skorp909 – $23,175
  9. Samantha7x – $19,956
  10. Divan – $18,178

Here you can watch the entire round.

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