Tensers Turn a $5 Bet Into a $490 Win

YouTube star Tensers was at the centre of an interesting round of Monopoly Live, which earned him a place in our Big Wins section. Alright, the win was not that big, but the turn of the fortune was really amazing, so everybody should hear his story.

Tensers was not very lucky in the very beginning, he was down to $14.66 on their balance, so they decided to place $5 on Number 10, $5 on 4 Rolls segment, and $4.66 on the 2 Rolls field in his final bet of the day, or so he thought.

The Wheel Stops on 4 Rolls Segment

At the very beginning of the video, we could see our hero losing another one of his bets, which made him decide to place all of his remaining money on one final spin of the Wheel. So, all the money from the balance was placed on three different fields – 10, 4 Rolls, and 2 Rolls.

It seems that he did not have high hopes on the final roll of the Wheel, but, Lady Luck had a different plan for Tensers. The Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls field, making Mr Monopoly put his tea down and go straight to the board.

One Doubles Deliver a Total of 5 Rolls

After the random multipliers had been added to random fields, the first roll of the dice was up, and it delivered doubles instantly. Two threes took Monopoly Man to The Angel Islington, delivering a 2x multiplier, and rewarding gamers with an extra roll of the dice. His next stop was Community Chest, where a $10 prize had been waiting.

Evolution Monopoly Live host spinning the wheel

The third roll of the dice took the old man to Leicester Square, which meant that players got a 7x multiplier. Rich Uncle Pennybags did not end his stroll there, since the fourth roll of the dice took him to Regent Street, revealing a 15x multiplier.

The best multiplier had been reserved for the final, fifth roll. Park Lane was the last stop for Monopoly Man, and a 75x multiplier was the final prize for all participating gamers.

The hero of our story managed to turn a $5 bet into a $490 win, but he wasn’t even close to the top 10 winners of the round:

  1. Verbum – $15,371
  2. Chinna – $13,384
  3. cassaandrea – $3,614
  4. Darkwarden_ – $3,012
  5. poohdens24 – $2,635
  6. MrP – $1,960
  7. bosh_512 – $1,859
  8. paulmcf1203 – $1,335
  9. Yooollaaa – $1,335
  10. TIg9233 – $1,328

Here, you can watch the entire round.

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